Makes enough egg nog for 2 people that really like egg nog, or more for people
that are undecided.

  - 2 eggs
  - 1 can light coconut milk
  - .5 can sweetened condensed milk, or 1/4C white sugar also works
  - 3-4 fl oz of rum or bourbon
  - whole nutmeg

  - separate eggs, put yolks into a medium sauce pan, whites into a mixing bowl
  - add coconut milk and condensed milk to yolks
  - beat yolk/milk mixture and heat over medium heat, stirring constantly.
    Remove from heat when it starts to steam.
  - add nutmeg to milk. Stop grating when you knick your fingers and get angry.
  - add alcohol to milk
  - whip egg whites to soft peaks
  - whisk most or all of the egg whites into the milk.  Whites like to float,
    so make sure you're also whisking down to get a things mixed vertically.
    Stop whisking when mixture is smooth.

Serve warm.

Egg Nog Anitpatterns:
Lessons learned from trying out other recipes.

  - using non-light coconut milk, whipping cream, or half-n-half. Our goal is
    to create a drink that we can sustainably drink a large amount of, multiple
    times a week. Using heavy milks here makes this difficult.

  - discarding the egg whites. These are useful for making the drink thick and
    smooth. It can sometimes be overkill to use all of the whites, but not
    using them at all makes for a very thin drink.

  - tempering yolks separately. This uses more dishes, adds a significant
    amount of time, is potentially messy, and has no detectable effect on the
    end product.

  - using very specific alcohols. The ideal alcohol is in the 35-45% ABV range,
    is not too smooth that it is unnoticeable, but is otherwise not strongly
    flavored. We endeavor to drink a lot of egg nog, so this shouldn't be too